Q.  How Many laying Hens do you run?

A.  4000 and 1000 replacement pullets.


Q.  What density do you stock your hens?

A.  200 hens/ha to maintain ground cover at all times


Q.  What breed are your hens?

A.  The hens are Hy-Line Brown


Q.  Do you raise your own chickens?

A.  Our chickens come from Victoria at day old.  This guarantees the chickens only receive certified feed


Q.  How often do you get chickens?

A.  Up to three times a year


Q.  How long do you keep your hens?

A.  Two laying cycles approx. 30 months


Q. Are your birds beak trimmed?

A. Not at all


Q. What do you do with the male chicks on your farm?

A. We only purchase female chicks from the hatchery


Q.  What do you do with the hens once they have finished laying?

A.  Turn them into compost for use on the farm


Q.  How many hens are in a shed?

A.  1000 per shed


Q.  What do you feed them?

A.  They are fed a mixture of grains along with the available pasture


Q.  What grains are fed?

A.  Wheat, Oats, Barley, Peas and Broad Beans if available


Q.  Do you use Soy or Soy products in the diet?

A.  We do not use any soy in the diet


Q.  Are GMOs used in the diet?

A.  GMOs are not used or permitted within our standards


Q. Where do you get grains?

A.  We grow as much as we can ourselves. The remainder is sourced from other certified growers


Q. Why does the yolk colour vary?

A.  The yolk colour varies seasonally due to the amount of green feed that is available


Q.  What breed of dogs do you run with the hens?

A.  Maremma. An Italian breed that bond with the hens as puppies from 8 weeks of age

They were originally bred to protect sheep from wolves


Q.  Why do you keep Maremmas?

A.  To protect the hens from Wedge Tailed Eagles and Feral Cats


Q.  Do you have any other livestock?

A.  We have Dorper Sheep and  Beef Cattle