Eggs On Your Plate

What it takes to put our eggs on your plate


Chickens are purchased at day old, this guarantees that the only feed they ever consume is certified in accordance with the National standards for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce.


Young Chickens


They arrive on Kangaroo Island from Victoria via road and ferry,  and are placed in their brooding shed where they are kept warm until they are fully feathered, which is around 4 weeks. Once feathered, they are let outside to roam during the day under our netted orchard.

At about 9 weeks of age they are taken out into a pastured paddock where they are never locked in and free to roam guarded by our Maremma guardian dogs.

The guardian dogs keep predators like Wedged Tailed Eagles and Feral Cats away from the hens and remain in the paddock with the hens at all times.


At about 12 weeks the pullets are moved to their laying shed, which contains perches and rollaway nest boxes, they start to lay eggs at 18- 20 weeks of age. The eggs start small and increase in size as the hen mature.


The hens eat a mixed grain ration and what ever they can forage in the paddock.  Grain is grown on our property. The grains are milled and mixed once a week and fed to the hens in mobile feeders.

Rainwater is pumped into tanks and attached to a nipple drinking system, which allows the water to remain clean at all times.


The laying shed, feeders and watering system are moved regularly onto fresh pasture.

Eggs are collected daily 365 days of the year and taken to the packing shed.

The first process is candling to identify and remove any eggs with cracks or deformities.

Washing to remove any dirty marks from the egg shell, then onto the grading machine where eggs are weighed and stamped using a food grade ink with our identifying mark (a hen with KS on its wing) as a guarantee that the eggs are produced on our farm using Demeter Bio-Dynamic standards, packed into cartons and then into boxes of 15 dozen and kept in cool storage until distribution.

Eggs are loaded into a refrigerated truck, on the ferry and delivered to a cold distribution business where they are then delivered to the shops ready for you to purchase and consume.




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