“Eggs produced as nature intended”

Katham Springs has been producing Demeter certified eggs since 1999.  The family owned and run farm is situated on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. The property consists of 337 hectares and produces eggs, prime lamb, beef and a variety of grains for poultry feed.

Our hens are stocked at a maximum of 200 hens per hectare, are moved regularly around pastured paddocks in their mobile sheds and guarded at all times by Maremma guardian dogs. The laying hens have not been beak trimmed and are never locked in, giving them freedom to move around the paddocks expressing their natural behaviour.

A feed mix of certified grains, free of GMOs and soy, is available to them from the moment they arrive on farm as day old chicks.

Many people are aware of the affect that chemicals in the food chain are having on their wellbeing and are searching for a more natural alternative,  Katham Springs is supplying this growing market.

Bio-Dynamics is a holistic natural approach to farming where looking after the environment and soil is of utmost importance without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Bio-Dynamic Agriculture Ultimate Organics; Farming with nature